Discover your Soul Plan

Soul Plan System according to Frank Alper and Blue Marsden

Soul Plan – Soul Plan according to Frank Alper and Blue Marsden, Grace Clearing, Star of Creation and Sefer Yetzirah

Are you searching for your true self and want to know your individual soul plan? Finally learn why you are here and what your life purpose is.

Your birth name, through the vibration of the letters, reveals your unique soul plan that was established from the beginning. Your earthly and spiritual challenges, talents and goals are anchored in it, and your soul purpose is clearly defined. This soul plan is illustrated with the help of the Star of David and special numbers and signs, which are explained in detail during a reading.

The basis of this method is based on a centuries-old system of Kabbalah, the Sefer Yetzirah, which was further developed and modernized by Frank Alper and Blue Marsden.

A Soul Plan Reading is relevant not only for birth names, but also for name changes (e.g., through marriage), naming babies, choosing business names, or evaluating partner compatibility.


Do you know your life mission?

Dive deep into your soul and find your true purpose

A Soul Plan Reading provides fascinating insights into the essence of your soul. Learn not only your individual soul purpose, but also the earthly and spiritual challenges, talents and goals that play a role in your life. At the same time, you will receive valuable guidance on how to target your talents and overcome the challenges to successfully achieve your goals.

Discover your unique soul plan and unleash your full potential. Dive into the fascinating world of the soul plan and find the path to a fulfilled and life.

… and so much more!

Grace Clearing

Awaken your talents with Soulplan Reading and get in flow with Grace Clearing

Please press reset: Soulplan Reading opens up the possibility to discover your dormant talents and bring them more into your consciousness again. But that’s not all – through the powerful Grace Clearing a deeper process is set in motion. It clears blockages in your system, cleanses your soul plan and brings it back to its original state. It is like a system reset. This releases energies that may have been blocked before and can now flow freely to achieve your long-awaited goals.

You get energetically back into flow and connect with your true superpower, the source of all that is. The inexhaustible power, the true superpower.

Trust your Soul Plan

... and use your talents!

Unleash your potential by using your talents in a targeted way! By consciously recognizing and using your talents, you will be better equipped to successfully meet life’s challenges and get back into the flow. Follow your joy, as it is a valuable guide in discovering your talents.

The Soul Plan System according to Frank Alper and Blue Marsden highlights your individual talents in both the earthly and spiritual realms. These strengths support you in effectively overcoming your challenges and achieving your life goals. By consciously using your talents, you have the opportunity to transform negative aspects of your challenges into positive ones.

Trust your soul plan and walk the path of your true destiny. Discover inner growth, fulfillment and harmony as you develop your talents and realize your life goals.

Soul Plan Reading

Unleash Your Potential with a Soul Plan Reading - The Key to Personal Success

A Soul Plan Reading is more than just a characterization of your personality. It activates dormant potentials and offers a clear insight into your individual life path. It shows you your goals and brings them back into consciousness. This way you know where you stand and how you can achieve your individual goals to fulfill your soul plan.

Especially in the case of name changes, such as through marriages, or in the choice of names for newborns, a Soul Plan Reading unfolds its great significance. It helps you to understand how the new name will influence the life path and which name will positively support the client.

Choosing a business name also requires careful consideration. A reading of up to four business names provides valuable insight into how well the name aligns with your business idea and the impact it can have on your business.

Discover the transformative power of Soul Plan Reading and use it to unleash your full potential and successfully achieve your personal as well as business goals.

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