Super Specials

The days are supposedly getting shorter, and not only the light is fading – many of us are confronted with their shadow themes – suffer and feel unloved. But just now, unlovable topics could be transformed and finally said goodbye. I am happy to offer you my support to bring light into the dark !

Goodbye blocks!

It doesn't matter if it's your partnership, your personal development or professional changes: things are not running smoothly and you feel somehow blocked? Not for long!

Feeling abundance

Many are currently plagued by existential worries or simply wish for more abundance on all levels: material & emotional. So that wishes can be fulfilled again, we go deep into the heart and feel your needs.

2nd chance for love

You don't feel comfortable in your relationship anymore, but you also don't know concretely what you can change to make love blossom again? Together we create a new sacred space for love within you and your partnership.

Pure power!

Would you like to regain your power? With the BQH® method (Beyond Quantum Healing) we unleash your inner power so that you can live your greatness again! Active & Passionate.

Past life: Remember!

Would you like to know if you already know a certain person from a previous life or, if you have brought gifts or burdens from a previous life?

Or are you simply curious about a regression?

Letting go of annoying habits

You want to finally quit smoking, put an end to being a couch potato and finally do more sports or stop eating ice cream before going to bed? Voilà your time has come.

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